You’ve been loving me, but never holding me close

You’ve been talking to me love, but I don’t hear you

Stop thinking so much

It’s so strange to me, it’s like I never know why

You’re giving nothing to me, and I don’t need you no more

Now I’m loving the beat when I hear the rhythm go

You ain’t got nothing on me that you weren’t giving though

You can leave a message after the beep, you can think about it

While you’re hearing the phone when it rings

But I’m never going to pick up the phone

Until you’re still in love with me

Just television in the living room and no more hanging out


Does it hurt when you think?

Does it hurt when you think about it?


Stop thinking so much

You were down here tucking the bass, I was in the living room

Everybody’s loving the place, I wonder where you’re loving or who

I was thinking about your face, and thinking I could live here too

Yeah I’m all over the place

But I want to hold on to you and I don’t really know how